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Picalo: python based Data Engineering Tool

Thanks for Phil for information about Picalo.

i take this quote from picalo’s site

Welcome to the world of Picalo, a collaborative, open-source effort to produce a data analysis application suitable for auditors, fraud examiners, data miners, and other data analysts!

i think picalo will become great for data analyst or engineering with wide python scalability. Picalo works with GUI front end, and have many feature for ETL as primary process on extracing and loading data. The best thing is flexibelity and excellent front end to the Numeric/Numarray Python libraries. i think it can be great solution for indonesian local goverment to have data warehouse system. Great !!

OK, lets take closer to its used for

  1. Auditors and data analysts who have a bent towards information technology. These people want a powerful application they have explicit control over, and they are willing to brave the learning curve that warrants such power and control.
  2. Less technical, “regular” data analysts who want to efficiently use the skills of #1.
  3. Python-based analysts who want a GUI to run their routines within. For example, Picalo would make an excellent front end to the Numeric/Numarray Python libraries.

and example picalo uses :

  • Analyzing financial data, employee records, and purchasing systems for errors and fraud
  • Importing Excel, CSV, and TSV files into databases
  • Interactively analyzing network events, web server logs, and system login records
  • Importing email into relational or text-based databases
  • Embedding controls and fraud testing routines into production systems


Picalo: python based BI sites


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