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Prism Intelligent

Sisense have been released beta version BI software , that they called “Unified Analytics Platform”. Users can Explore data by drag and drop and build customizeable environment.  It can analyze true multi dimensional analytics over multiple & different data sources/spreadsheets.

Prism BI Application

Business Intelligence For Everyone

Prism is a productivity software that delivers blazing fast data analytics and highly flexible visualization Widgets for your own information needs, and for the needs of your users.

Drag. Drop & Deliver your DashboardsOne Environment. Multiple Talents.
Build Dashboards, Reports, Scorecards and Guided Analytics solutions in one environment.
Combine visual elements, also known as Widgets, into one interactive Business Intelligence
application that is as easy to build and easier to personalize by your users.

Express Yourself with Unified AnalyticsWhen size, frequency and origin of data does not matter.
Perform real time and historical query & analysis BI over multiple data sources, with absolutely no server software installation, no database server configuration, and no server maintenance requirements. With Prism’s unified analytics language, you get an over simplified, yet powerful and unmatched analytical flexibility to formulate business questions and multi dimensional formulas, without worrying about the underlying database technology, or database performance implications.


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  1. Wow, great product, thanks for that
    Pricing and features is nothing i have never seen before

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