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Kode Python CE sederhana untuk posting wordpress via Windows Mobile

import xmlrpclib

def getfile(filename):
filehandle = open(filename, “r”)
filecontents =
#textview.delete(“1.0”, “end”)
#textview.insert(“end”, filecontents)
return filecontents

def openfile():
import tkFileDialog

filename = tkFileDialog.askopenfilename()

return filename

user = ‘user’
passwd = ‘passwd’
server = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy(‘’)

blog_id = 0
#title = ‘Test Posting From Python LAgi’
title=raw_input(‘Judul Posting’)
#content = ‘test content, from python…tessssssss lagiii’
#content=raw_input(‘Isi Posting’)
fl=raw_input(‘Nama File’)
content=getfile(fl)+’Posted from My Mobile O2+Python
result = server.metaWeblog.getCategories(blog_id, user, passwd)

cat=raw_input(“PIlih ID Category= “)
blog_content = { ‘title’ : title, ‘description’ : content }
categories = [{‘categoryId’ : cat, ‘isPrimary’ : 1}]
#cat_id=raw_input(‘Category ID= ‘)
post_id = int(server.metaWeblog.newPost(blog_id, user, passwd, blog_content,1)), user, passwd, categories) # not work, user, passwd)
Posted from My Mobile O2+Python


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  1. ipul says:

    manteb gan, kalo posting lewat php gimana ya gan

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